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I saw Lesley regularly for quite a few months for upper back and shoulder pain. She is an excellent Alexander Technique teacher and explained the principles clearly and thoughtfully and I found the sessions with her very helpful. It always left me feeling calm and peaceful which is an added benefit! I would highly recommend Lesley and the Alexander Technique for helping with improving your well-being.

Natasha Wooldridge

I would like to say a huge & very sincere Thank you to Lesley for enabling me to establish some golden rules regarding posture, stance & movement, it has been extremely helpful to me & I am certainly moving far more easily & I feel taller which is great. Thank you also for the lovely gentle approach & for adapting to my specific limitations.

Sally Earley

I approached Lesley for help with knee pain. I have a condition called CMT which causes muscle and nerve damage to the lower limbs. Although she was unfamiliar with CMT she went to great lengths to research the condition and get advice from her mentor. The technique is gentle and non invasive and after the initial hour the pain had reduced significantly. However, to my great delight I was rewarded with an increase in energy to a level I hadn't felt for years. Alexander technique requires practice on a daily basis to maintain the effects but with such reward lying down for 20 minutes a day and relaxing isn't really homework. After 8-10 lessons I now walk with a better gait and feel movement is much easier. Lesley is so gentle and talented as well as knowledgable and easy to talk to. I would encourage anyone with pain or discomfort, physically or psychologically, to try this common sense holistic treatment

Heather Bartlett

After developing poor posture due to the stresses and strains of a busy teaching job, and tripping up a couple of times and twisting my back I decided I needed to try something to help me become more upright and pain free. I saw an advert in a window for Lesley's AT sessions and remembered hearing something about it when I was younger. On speaking to my sister it turns out that both my Grand father and mother were followers of F.M. Alexander. The beauty of the technique is it slowly, but surely, retrains your mindset about how to hold your body to the best possible advantage for every day life. No strenuous or repetitive exercises which leave you aching but don't address the problem. Instead a gentle, gradual change in how your mind directs your muscles and joints. I have felt a remarkable improvement since May this year. I walk taller, have less aches and pains and am regaining the posture I used to have at an earlier age. I also feel a lot more at ease with my body image and therefore more relaxed and confident. Lesley is a brilliant teacher, being quietly confident and encouraging, but also obviously very skilled in knowing how to use the technique to help the participant to take control of their own progress by simply using it in their normal day to day routine together with excellent regular one to one sessions which leave you feeling refreshed.

Jenny Wilks

Story begins twenty years ago damaged my back playing table tennis, plus living in the fast lane with high mileage driving, meeting self imposed targets with work and sport. Seen loads of therapists acupuncturists, chiropractics, osteopaths, and Bowen. All helpful when younger. However today none a quick fix. Self damage in the way I have treated my body. Lesley offers a series of teachings which encourages you to use your body better, however not a quick fix. The Alexander Technique puts together a series of lessons on walking, sitting, standing (deportment) to encourage a healthier life style My experiences to date after ten lessons, initially no improvement, however recently days where I am not aware of body aches in arms, shoulders and lower back, which I am over the moon with. Summing up I am aware to maintain my health I need to commit daily to treating body better.

Ken Southwell

I came to see Lesley after having exhausted most other routes in trying to cure chronic tension headaches. The Alexander Technique has since provided me with the biggest improvement to date and I feel it has given me more control over my problem. The biggest light bulb moment was the realisation that I was holding myself in an unnatural position that was adding more tension to already tight muscles. I really appreciate the time Lesley takes to think about my questions outside of lessons and then provide something to aid my understanding further. I now have some headache free days and I can feel more improvements coming as time passes.


Lesley is an enthusiastic and sympathetic guide to the 'less is more' philosophy that is AT. I am beginning to allow my body to move more freely, to work optimally rather than in the habitual ways we unconsciously develop over the years.


I am a keen horse rider and find that my posture causes me problems in the saddle. Having Alexander Technique lessons with Lesley helps my posture in the saddle, my breathing, movement and state of mind. Lesley is able to work with me in a saddle and this helps when I get on to a real horse. If only I could find more spare time for several lessons a week as I know it would make a huge difference to my riding and performance.


As an octogenarian I thought I needed gentle exercise to keep me mobile in my later years. The Alexander Technique was recommended to me. I am now a sprightly and more relaxed person altogether. One of the best things I every did.


Three years after having a car accident I was still having problems with my lower back. I had tried a number of treatments but had limited success. I was sceptical about the Alexander Technique but gave it a go. I felt an improvement after the first lesson and continued with the Alexander Technique over a number of weeks. I have continued with AT lessons as time allowsand feel that this has helped me.