Semi-supine outline
Who was F.M.Alexander?

Picture of F.M. AlexanderF.M Alexander was born in Tasmania in 1869 and as a child had many health problems. In his teens he developed a passion for Shakespeare and went on to recite plays and poems in one man shows or variety performances.

During his early twenties he developed recurring voice problems. His doctors could find no good reason for his problems and offered no cure, so Alexander concluded it must be something he was doing to himself.

He spent many years observing himself in front of mirrors to find his own solution. He realised habitual patterns of tension were interfering with his speaking and that if he could find a way to rid himself of these habits, then his problems would be resolved. In doing so, he also noticed his overall muscular co-ordination, posture and breathing improved.

Alexander observed his problems were not unique to him and began teaching his technique to others.

He continued to teach until about a fortnight before he died, aged 86, in 1955.